Being a sports creative agency we’re a pretty healthy bunch, who like to work out when work’s out.


But when that afternoon slump sets in we found ourselves congregating around the office snack box, eating whatever was on offer – leftover meeting pastries, fun sized chocolate bars, pig-shaped sweets, even the dregs of a colleague’s birthday cake. It was no surprise that the idea of working out after work was becoming less desirable.


We wanted something that was going to give us that extra bit of oomph to fuel our after work activities, and stop us ditching the gym for a night with Netflix. Something that we couldn’t find in the snack box, or on the market.


A lot of snack bars aren't made with sports in mind and sports-specific bars often seem to imply that they’re to be eaten half way up a mountain – not something to eat at your desk in the middle of the afternoon.


So, we decided to make our own and get it into people's hands where they, and we, need it most – at work. Designed for sustained energy during that post-work workout, with packaging that breaks away from industry norms, And with that, Home Run was born.


Created fully by Dark Horses, from the plant-based recipe to the branding, marketing and production, we’re looking forward to Home Run’s official launch in April 2020.


Pre-order now in our shop, or visit the Home Run site for more information.


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