DEFY THE ODDS are the headline sponsors of the CONIFA – The Confederation of Independent Football Associations. This is a football body that brings together teams from defunct nations, de facto states, isolated territories and minority peoples. In 2019, it held its European Football Cup in Artsakh, a breakaway de facto state in internationally recognised Azerbaijan.


The ‘Defy The Odds’ campaign celebrated the extraordinary stories of the participating players, coaches, fans and officials, who have defied the odds to be in attendance at the tournament and reach the footballing world stage.


In the days leading up to the competition, the campaign launched with a two minute documentary focusing on Szilárd Magyari, a player for Székely Land, one of the tournaments participating teams. Throughout the tournament, we then followed the teams with a rolling news desk reporting on the games and individuals that made the games so special. From the photographs we captured, Gaffer Magazine ran a 32-page spread detailing the entire tournament.


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