We are a creative agency specialising in sport, fitness and wellbeing. Our people are all creatively-led with backgrounds at some of the world’s top agencies, but we have something else in common too. We all have a shared passion for sport and fitness. We are not just ‘fans’, we truly understand how sport, creativity and culture connect. It means we have a hidden edge in this race; it’s why we’re Dark Horses.


In the world of sport, the field is bunched. With so many brands operating in a narrow space, category conventions are rife. A problem exacerbated by sponsor rights packages that are designed to keep you in your lane. We exist to help our clients break free from this by creating stand-out work that is as unique as they are.


We do it alongside you, not for you. We start in a totally different place than many sports specialists. We don’t begin with activation opportunities to engage fans. We work upstream in partnership with you, to truly understand your brand strategy and how sport can bring it to life in powerful new ways. This means that together we will get to a place where your rivals can’t follow.


We are channel agnostic in our thinking. Our services range from brand creation to social executions and everything in between, but the earlier we can work with you the bigger the impact we can have. In particular we have a range of unique tools and processes that connect big brand thinking with a true understanding of sport.