LITTLE BLACK BOOK: Formula E Drivers Sacha Fenestraz and Norman Nato Launch the 'Nissan EV School'

Dark Horses creates content series to bring the drivers face-to-face with the ‘Electric Generation’

Dark Horses has created the Nissan EV School, a content series that brings Formula E drivers, Sacha Fenestraz and Norman Nato, face to face with the Electric Generation, children (primary school aged)  to teach them about the exciting world of electrification.

The idea is based on the insight that anyone born after 2013 will likely have to choose electric when buying a new car, due to the EU ban of combustion-engine vehicles in 2035. A cohort of young people, Nissan have named, the Electric Generation.



The concept is supported by a wonderfully cute and funny online episodic content series that plays on the curiosity of young people, where the two teachers swap their racing gloves for a chalkboard and field questions from an increasingly inquisitive class of youngsters.

The creative in episode one shows the children meet the drivers, who are quickly greeted with questions like, ‘if you win a race do you also get sweets?’ and ‘have you ever thrown a strop when you’ve lost a race?’ and of course, ‘how fast can electric cars go?’ – the top speed of a Formula E racing car being a whopping 300kph (200mph).



The children are then surprised with a miniature Nissan ARYIA (although it doesn’t stop Sacha trying to give it a go) and they are presented with their next challenge; a mini Formula E race. The episode two teaser entices viewers to an electrifying all electric mini ARYIA kids race, as the children take to the track.

With this new campaign Nissan aims to show the next generation that electric cars are thrilling and exciting vehicles with the added benefit of reducing carbon emission. The ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality across Nissans operations and the life cycle of its products by 2050, and to electrify all its new vehicles by the early 2030s in key markets.