Ad Forum: Nissan apologises to local residents of Mexican Formula E race track for the wild raucous noisiness of its fans…

Nissan apologises to local residents of Mexican Formula E race track for the wild raucous noisiness of its fans…

….and distributes ear defenders to block out their noise on the day of the race

Mexican Formula E fans are widely known to be the wildest, loudest and most rambunctious fans on the planet, while the Foro Sol is well known as the loudest grandstand in motorsport.

So, in its latest campaign by Dark Horses, Nissan is taking the unique approach of apologising for the ear splitting racket these die hard fans create.

The campaign, Lo Siento Nuestros Fan Estan Locos, ‘Sorry, our fans are crazy’ reinforces that Nissan is regularly voted as the favourite team of Mexican fans and allows the brand to celebrate that in style, embracing the cacophonous fervour of their support whilst also converting interested parties into Nissan Formula E followers.

And to make it up to the local residents who have to deal with the dreadful din of the constant “whooping and hollering” and give them a great undisturbed weekend, Nissan is handing out Nismo team-inspired ear defenders & earbuds to fans who live near the racetrack.

This activation is supported by a mockumentary style film that shows an elderly local woman, who lives near the track, complaining about the noise of race day. She tries to block the noise out with soundproofing egg crates and a makeshift earphone pillow, claiming, “if I ever see those drivers, I’ll give them a piece of my mind.” Just as a doorbell rings and Nissan Formula E drivers, Sacha Fenestraz and Oli Rowland, turn up at her door with a pair of ear defenders – as way of an apology. Together as they have a now quiet cup of tea she announces ‘I’ve always liked those drivers.”

The work will run across digital channels, OOH and social media with influencer content. The work is the first part of five installments, which will be activated at the race locations throughout the year.

Simon Hanley Senior Strategist at Dark Horses, said: “As Nissan reigns supreme at #1 In Mexico, we celebrate this victory with style, acknowledging the wild fervour of the fans while extending a thoughtful gesture to the nearby residents. The work aspires to transform intrigued bystanders into dedicated Nissan Formula E followers, even those unaccustomed to the roar of the racing world. This marks just the initial lap of an exhilarating journey, with four more instalments to look forward to throughout the year. The work is also a thrilling opportunity to reflect the essence of competition, ensuring every moment on the track becomes an unforgettable experience.”

By Matt Readman, Chief Strategy Officer