David Reviews: Icing on the brake

David Reviews by Jason Stone

As professional idiot Andrew Tate demonstrated when he foolishly tried to troll Greta Thunberg, many of those who love cars have become fiercely attached to the idea that a vehicle is only worthy of their devotion if it’s extremely harmful to the environment. The nihilism of this position is plainly evidence of widespread sociopathy, but we ignore it at our peril.

One way of combating this stupid notion is to associate electric vehicles with the kind of rugged adventuring ostensibly favoured by the acolytes of Andrew Tate et al. This may not convert the incel hordes, but it’ll probably confuse them, and that may be as good as it gets until evolution does its thing and these sad males’ inability to coax anything other than disappointment from the opposite sex leads to their very welcome extinction.

So hurray for Nissan and the endeavour signalled by this commercial to take one of their electric vehicles from one pole to the other.

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Territory: UK

ECD: Steve Howell