Fans heading to Paris to soak in last weekend’s Uefa Champions League final had their prayers answered by a giant sponsored doorbell manned by Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos.

Amid a difficult entry to the stadium in the center of Paris, beset with police clashes and alleged ticket fraud, the tournament sponsor attempted to lighten the mood with an outsized installation manned by Brazil legend Roberto Carlos who delivered tickets and prizes.

Fresh from his Sunday League eBay listing, Carlos headed up the giant buzzer that required the heft of four fans to push, promoting teamwork among passersby to land prizes, which included Just Eat vouchers and UCL merchandise handed over by a delivery driver as a consolation for those who missed out on the main draw.

Steve Howell, executive creative director at Dark Horses, which headed up the activation, said: “One day, many, many years from now, there’s going to be a Liverpool fan, or a Real Madrid fan, sat with their grandkids watching highlights of this year’s Champions League final. That grandparent is going to proudly proclaim, ‘I was there!’

“Then their grandchildren are going to ask all about it and they’re going to have to explain that Just Eat put a gigantic doorbell in the middle of Paris, they and their mates pressed it and the next thing they knew Roberto Carlos was handing them four tickets to the final. And knowing that that moment is going to happen makes all the hard work worth it.”