From dancing at their wedding with a foot stuck in a bear trap, to trying to get through airport security with a fan stuck in their hair, Dark Horses’ first work for men’s health business Manual shines a light on the lengths some men will go to before seeking expert help for health problems.

Manual’s mission is to help every man become more proactive when it comes to looking after their health and well-being. The campaign is designed to bring awareness to these often-ignored aspects of life, while driving a direct response for online consultations and treatments delivered discreetly to your door.

Based on the insight that men tend to put off their health issues until it’s too late, the two TV spots use preposterous laughable scenarios to gently highlight how ridiculous this can be. One spot focuses on general men’s health and the other is specific to hair loss.

Both ads begin with astounded (and frankly disappointed) friends and partners saying, “I thought you were going to get that sorted”, as the ads reveal a series of men trying to continue their daily life whilst ignoring their rather unfortunate and exaggerated ailments. As they do so, an assured presenter appears to tell the audience that “we men tend to put things off”, before showing them how easy, safe, and speedy it is to use Manual to get their problem sorted.

Simon Le Grice, VP marketing at Manual, said: “When it comes to their health, men are experts at putting off what’s staring them right in the face – whether that’s the beginnings of hair loss, countless sleepless nights, or a love life affected by erectile dysfunction. Manual is here to change the way every man thinks about his health, and to challenge the outdated notion that ‘real men’ shrug their shoulders and simply carry on. The ads from Dark Horses creatively brings this very real problem – and the solutions – to life.”

Steve Howell, The executive creative director at Dark Horses, said: “Men procrastinate, particularly when it’s something health related. And after nearly two years of a pandemic, there’s going to be a lot more procrastinating males only making matter worse. We want to speak to our audience with a great deal of levity to help them realise the ridiculousness of delaying seeking medical opinion, especially when Manual can offer such a simple and discreet solution.”