A whole host of celebs lend a ‘comedic’ touch to the Menopause Mandate campaign.

Jo Brand, Davina McCall, Lisa Snowdon, Gina Bellman, Lavina Mehta, Jackie Adedeji, Mariella Frostrup, TikTok sensation Hayley Morris and even Rod Stewart all feature in a new spot by creative agency Dark Horses for not-for-profit menopause organization Menopause Mandate.

The films take inspiration from classic gags, but use punchlines that are deliberately unfunny. The hope is to show that the lack of awareness, understanding and treatment for menopause is laughable, championing the statement end line: ‘It’s beyond a joke.’

Melissa Robertson, chief executive officer at Dark Horses and director at Menopause Mandate, said: “Half of us go through menopause and the other half are related to, work with or are friends with those who will go through it. Yet menopause is still highly stigmatized. We’re going to change that. Using the voices of all these incredible women, we are shining a light on the issue and engaging with more people than ever. Which is only right, because it’s an issue that all of us should be rallying for.”

With World Menopause Day taking place next week, it’s the perfect time to remind everyone about the realities of going through these changes.

Frostrup, chair of Menopause Mandate, added: “The lack of support for women going through menopause really is beyond a joke. This is not just a clever campaign. It’s based on truth, and the joke has no funny punchline. We will not stop fighting for women’s voices to be heard until every single perimenopausal woman has access to a trained expert and HRT is accessible to everyone who needs it.

“This campaign is a step in the right direction. Working with women who are a true force of nature and passionate about this cause has been amazing. But we need to continue to talk, listen and acknowledge the real issues millions of women are facing around menopause.”

Menopause Mandate launched in May of this year and includes McCall, Labour MP Carolyn Harris, Gabby Logan, Lisa Snowden, Penny Lancaster and Carol Vorderman as patrons. The organization is lobbying the government to make necessary changes to laws, create better workplace procedures and make accessing HRT an easier process.