For World Menopause Month 2022, Dark Horses and Menopause Mandate bought together a group of comedians, personalities, and one globally super famous rocker, to show that the lack of education and support for menopausal women is beyond a joke.

Jo Brand, Davina McCall, Lisa Snowdon, Gina Bellman, Lavina Mehta, Jackie Adedeji, Mariella Frostrup, TikTok sensation Hayley Morris and even Rod Stewart all lent their comic genius by telling menopause ‘jokes’.

Taking inspiration from classic gags such as ‘knock knock’, the ‘jokes’ show that the lack of awareness, understanding and treatment for menopause is laughable, championing the statement end line: ‘It’s beyond a joke’.The campaign culminated in a rally on Westminster on the 12th October, where Menopause Mandate directors, patrons and supporters came together and made some noise to keep the cause in the minds of MPs and top of the media agenda.